How Do You Copyright A Quilt Pattern?

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1 Answer

A copyright is the law that protects intellectual property. Books, stories, art, songs and even sewing and quilting patterns can be copyrighted, provided the work is supplied in a fixed form, such as an actual copy of the work to be copyrighted or instructions for making something. Copyright goes into effect the instant any form of intellectual property is created. However, there's no need to register to protect your work. The benefit of registering your copyright with the United States Copyright Office is to have a registered date should you ever need to bring an infringement suit to court. Registering your copyright is easy and can help ensure your intellectual property is protected to the full extent of the law. Register your copyright electronically to save money and time. Visit the United States Copyright Office online and click the "Electronic Copyright Office" (eCO) link on the home page. Read the "eCO Acceptable File Types" document to determine the type of file to submit for ... more
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