How Do You Counteract Green Hair Dye?

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1 Answer

When attempting to correct or counteract hair-color disasters, the most obvious solutions should be avoided. Simply coloring over green dye with brown hair color results in greenish-brown hair. You cannot cover over a color mistake; you must correct it or counteract it. Colors are corrected or counteracted by colors found on the opposite side of the color wheel. Red counteracts green and vice versa. In order to turn green hair into something more appealing, you will need to add red to the hair using a combination of color and color additions. Open the color bottle and set it on a level surface. Pour 2 oz. of color into the bottle along with 2 oz. of 10-volume developer and ½ oz. of red color addition. Replace the lid and shake to mix. Put on the gloves. Begin with clean, dry hair. Apply color to the green sections of hair first by squeezing the color onto the hair and working the color in with your fingers. Finish applying color to the rest of the hair until the hair is thoroughly ... more
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