How Do You Cover Shoes With Fabric?

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1 Answer

Creating shoe covers out of fabric is an old trick used by professional and hobbyist costumers. Many outlandish styles of shoes and boots needed for film, stage, Renaissance garb, cosplay and even Halloween costuming are too expensive to have custom-made. Rather than spending a great deal of money on shoes, costumers often instead create a false top for a cheaper pair of shoes. These tops, or shoe covers, are designed to trick the eye, and can often be convincing if created from high-quality fabrics. Take one of the shoes you are using as your costume shoe base and put it on. Cut a piece of muslin that is more than large enough to go around your foot, and will cover the shoe you are wearing as well as all the places you want your final product to cover. Cut the muslin in half along the length. Wrap the muslin around your foot so that the bottom edge meets the sole of the shoe, and the side edges meet directly at the back and front of the foot. Pin the side edges loosely together to ... more
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