How Do You Create A Communication Flow Chart?

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1 Answer

Communication flow charts are useful tools for businesses, work groups, study groups, church Bible studies, families and any other group of people who need to communicate regularly. Creating them are easy - as long as the person who creates the chart is clear about the authority ranking of the members of the group and the proper course that communication should flow. This article will explore using a template in Microsoft Word. Select a "New" document from the Microsoft Word tool bar. A box with "new document" choices will pop up on the screen. Go to the "Template" column on the left and scroll down to "More categories." Scroll down the "More categories" list and select "Charts." Then, select a flow chart of your choice. The "Fundraising Auction" flow chart may work best for a communication flow chart. Click the "Download" button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The chart automatically will download onto your screen. Customize the chart based on the members and ... more
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