How Do You Create A Hotmail Account In Outlook Express?


Configuring your Hotmail account in Outlook Express allows you to read downloaded email messages on your computer without requiring Internet access. If you are concerned about maximizing your Hotmail quota, using Outlook Express is helpful in ensuring that sizeable email messages do not count towards your mailbox size. Nonetheless, to avoid downloading email messages containing viruses or other forms of malware, use antivirus software on your computer. Good antivirus software should scan all incoming emails to ensure that they are safe before you open them. Open the email client program and then choose “Accounts” from the “Tools” menu. Click on the “Add” button and then choose “Mail” from the menu. Type your name in the “Display” field, as you would like it displayed when you send emails, and then click “Next.” Enter your Hotmail address in the “Email address” field and then choose “Next.” The Configuration Wizard routes you to the “Email Server Names” screen; select “Next,” as Outlook

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