How Do You Create An Apple Themed Kitchen?

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1 Answer

Would you like to give your kitchen some old fashioned personality? One way to do this is to create an apple themed kitchen. An kitchen with an apple theme is warm and cozy with lots of vintage character. Here's how to create an apple themed kitchen of your own. Make your Floors Cozy. Cozy braided rugs with shades of burgundy and deep country green create a nice floor covering that's warm and consistent with your apple theme. Plus, they feel good on your feet when you sneak down into the kitchen at night for a snack. Decorate your Windows and Walls. Country plaid curtains in a deep burgundy or dark country green shade are ideal for adding a backdrop for your apple kitchen items. Walls can be kept simple by painting them a neutral shade or a soft burgundy or country green that picks up the coloration of your apple theme. If you'd like to add an additional decorative effect, consider using borders with an apple motif or stencil the designs along the borders of your walls. Accessories ...
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