How Do You Create Jungle Beats Using Online Services?

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1 Answer

Using an online service and their sequencer software can be a great way to get amazing Jungle rhythms for you music project. All you need to do is know what constitutes a basic jungle beat and how to alter it to make it unique in order to create a fantastic, personalized, professional quality jungle beat! The basic beat structure of many jungle rhythms is placing and accent on the one, two, the "and of the three, and four. Alternating a low and high pitched sound on these accents is also typical. To compose your first jungle beat, try placing a strong bass drum sound on the one and the one and the "and" of the three and a higher pitched sound, preferably a snare, on the two and the four. Hit playback and see what you have to get the feel for where the accents fall and why they make that jungle sound. Next try add some more sounds or increase the number of times your bass drum sounds in the track. Placing another bass drum on the "and" of the one or before the "and" of the three, for ... more
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