How Do You Create Leaf And Vine Designs With Icing For Cake Decorating?

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1 Answer

Learning to decorate a cake with different techniques and patterns takes some time, but the reward of a beautiful cake is well worth the effort. With just a little practice, you can easily learn basic cake decorationg techniques, like how to make delicate vines and leaves. Make Vines Step 1 Select a decorator's bag. You can use parchment, plastic or disposable bags. Attach a number 2 tip. Step 2 Load thin icing into the bag. Step 3 Position your hand the same as you would for writing on a cake. Your hand should be at a 45-degree angle, with the bag at 3 o'clock. Step 4 Draw a scroll shape that looks like an "s." You can also draw a line with hills and valleys. Draw secondary vines off the main vine. Do these in singles or in groups. Make Leaves Step 1 Find a leaf tip in the loaded decorator's bag. Recommended tips are 67, 356 or 366. Practice using the different tips so you know which one you would like to use on your cake. Step 2 Start with the piping bag at a 45-degree angle to the ... more
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