How Do You Crochet A Buffalo Plaid Afghan?

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1 Answer

Plaid is a design scheme that includes a regular pattern of checks. Buffalo plaid features large checks, traditionally in red and black. Many people consider buffalo plaid to be a piece of Americana; many well-known woolen mills in the United States manufacture buffalo plaid blankets, and they ask a fair sum of money for them. If you’re attracted to the look but not the price, crochet a buffalo plaid afghan for yourself. It’s a very easy pattern, and you’ll have the satisfaction of saying, “I made it,” when guests admire your creation. Crochet a mesh of red and black stripes. Begin with black yarn, make 195 chain stitches. Double crochet in 7th chain from hook. Chain 1, skip 1 chain in beginning chain, make double crochet stitch in next chain. Repeat along entire length of beginning chain. When you reach the end, make 4 chains and turn your work. You should have 95 “spaces.” To begin Row 2, skip the first double crochet in the row below, make double crochet in next double crochet, ... more
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