How Do You Cure Internal Body Odor?

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1 Answer

Internal body odor refers to the idea that your internal health can affect the smell of the sweat released from your pores. Different health conditions, as well as lifestyle choices can cause a person to experience body odor. Instead of covering up the body odor with fragrances and scented deodorants, you can make some lifestyle adjustments to get rid of the condition. Before trying to cure internal body odor naturally, speak to your doctor in order to rule out any medical conditions that could be causing the condition. Eliminate any strong-smelling foods from your diet. The smell from certain food items, like garlic and curry, can be emitted through the pores after eating. Other substances you should stop using to cure internal body odor include alcohol and tobacco products. Eat milk, cheese and other dairy products in moderate amounts. People in Western countries consume a lot of dairy products and it is said that this causes the population to smell badly to people from other ... more
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