How Do You Cut Back A Dendrobium Orchid?

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1 Answer

Orchids are beautiful and popular house flowers. There are 28,000 species of orchids, including the dendrobium orchid. These plants can be highly adaptable, which makes them ideal as houseplants. They do take some specific care, but their unique, long-lasting blooms have endeared them to those who grow them. Many people seek to propagate their own orchids, to keep them for many years. Doing so requires that you know how to prune your dendrobium orchid. Cut back the shoot only once it's finished blooming. This is the only pruning necessary for orchids. For mature plants (well-established plants that are several years old), cut the stalk back halfway. Always cut back to just above a node (joint in the stem). The orchid will rebloom or start a new shoot from the node. For younger plants, cut the finished stalk completely so the plant can put its energy into growing new ones. New shoots will grow from the roots of healthy orchids. more
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