How Do You Cut Down Carbon Arrows?

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1 Answer

Carbon arrows come in a standard length, and you will need to cut them to fit your draw length. Draw length is the distance from the nock of the arrow to the front of your bow's riser when you have the bow in full draw. You cannot simply cut a carbon arrow with a hacksaw or a tubing cutter because this will damage it, states the Trophy Ridge website. You must use specialized tools to square cut carbon arrows to length. Set the carbon arrow and the 48-inch steel rule on the worktable. Align the zero end of the steel rule with the inside termination point of the nock. Place a mark with the permanent marker on the carbon arrow at the length you need to cut it. Put the marked arrow into the high-speed arrow saw, align the mark with the saw's blade and turn on the arrow saw. Rotate the arrow against the saw's cutting blade to cut the carbon arrow to length. Turn off the arrow saw. Place the squaring tool on the worktable and put the arrow in the squaring tool as described in the squaring ... more
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