How Do You Decorate A Hippie Van?

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1 Answer

Nearly everyone can conjure up an outrageous image of a highly painted and colorful Volkswagen bus when they hear the words "hippie van." These vans were an iconic part of the 1970s counter culture, serving as modes of transportation and even living quarters for many "hippies" and self-proclaimed bohemians. While the 1970s may have faded, people's fascination with it hasn't. Some even decorate their own original hippie vans. Creating a "hippie van" takes time and some artistic talent. Decorate the outside of your van first. Plan a design with chalk by drawing rough sketches of the things you want on your van. Designs may include portraits of famous classic rock artists, logos from your favorite counter-culture bands and brightly colored paisley. Airbrush color onto your designs. Use stencils where you can, taping them onto the van's surface and pressing down the inner edges as you paint. Where you can't use stencils, tape off your designs and paint inside the tape. Lay down one layer ... more
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