How Do You Decorate A Party Room With Balloons?

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1 Answer

Balloons are an inexpensive but festive decoration for any celebration. They come in many colors, sizes, shapes and materials. When decorating a party room, wow guests with loose helium balloons floating on the ceiling. Fashion balloon bouquets for wedding centerpieces or create spectacular balloon clouds. Use tulle with balloon decorations for added appeal or explore textured and metallic curling ribbon. When prettifying a party room with balloons, make it dramatic and spectacular. Blow up three to seven balloons with helium, depending on the size of the desired bouquet. Do not inflate them fully and ensure that they are of equal size. Tie a knot at the end of each balloon. Next, cut and attach 3 feet of ribbon onto each one. Make the central balloon's ribbon 1.5 feet longer than the others. Pass the first ribbon through the table weight and secure. Repeat this step with a second balloon. Place the second one slightly higher and barely touching the first. Once the balloons are in an ... more
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