How Do You Decorate A Room With A Wood Ceiling?

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1 Answer

Nothing is more rich and traditional than a wood ceiling. Whether planks or beams, a wood ceiling adds interest and architectural detail. When designing a room with a wood ceiling, it is vital to balance the ceiling with lighter colors so the room doesn't appear small. A wood or wood beam ceiling is a traditional design style, so choose furnishings and other accents that reflect traditional or eclectic decor. Mix wood tones, but keep it to two per room. Match large wood furniture such as tables and cabinetry to the ceiling, and add lighter color accent pieces. Paint the walls a light color. Wood ceilings can make a room appear smaller, and painting the surrounding walls a light color will balance the darkness and minimize this effect. This is especially important if the floors are also a dark color. The light color will also make the ceiling the focal point of the room. Choose lighter flooring. If your ceiling is 20 feet high, a dark ceiling may not dwarf the room. But for rooms with ... more
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