How Do You Decorate A Wall Mirror?

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1 Answer

Wall mirrors are practical, but they tend to have little personality. There are some easy ways to add pizzazz to a large wall mirror, and you can even make it an ongoing project that you add to as you get inspired. Make your mirror as elegant or as funky as you like. It will make looking at your reflection that much more enjoyable. Cut out pictures with which to decorate the mirror. Use any pictures you want: photos of you and your friends or images from magazines. They can be as large or as small as you like, though generally, they should not be so large as to inhibit your view of the mirror. Tape the pictures to the mirror, creating a collage. You can make them overlap or space them out as desired. Use a small loop of Scotch tape on the back to hold the pictures in place until they're positioned just as you want them. Tape down the edges of the pictures using the clear Scotch tape. This will make your decorations look more finished. Make sure that the pictures are flat against the ... more
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