How Do You Decorate Altoid Boxes?

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1 Answer

Decorate Altoid boxes for a fun project on a rainy day, or just when you are feeling the need for a creative boost. These little boxes make a quick and simple gift for anyone. They can be personalized and customized to match any theme, design or color. Use these boxes to decoratively organize small items around the house or for holding tiny mementos or change in your purse. Place the Altoid box onto a piece of patterned scrap paper that is large enough to cover the bottom of the box, and trace around the edge of the tin onto the patterned paper. Repeat this step to trace three more of the same pattern onto different scrap papers. Cut out each of the patterns. You can also use scissors with a decorative cutting edge for a fancier touch if you prefer; however, the edge of the box might show through the paper's edge. Place adhesive onto the back of each pattern you cut out, and attach one piece to the bottom outside of the tin and one piece to the top outside of the tin. Open the Altoid ... more
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