How Do You Decorate Around A Corner Fireplace?

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1 Answer

Built-in fireplaces typically create an automatic focal point in a room, which can also serve as the center of your decor. Corner fireplaces seem to leave some people stumped and create more of a challenge than a fireplace that's flush with a wall. Instead of looking at the corner fireplace in your space as an obstacle, embrace it as a focal point that can add charm and interest to your room's decor. Decorate around the fireplace to use it to its full potential. Determine a color scheme and decorating style for the room. For example, the space can be contemporary and make use of white, black and touches or red. Or, use mauve, greens and browns in a country cottage style. Let the corner fireplace guide you and inspire you by determining what it brings to mind, as well as the decor you gravitate toward naturally. Paint the room in a neutral color that goes with your decor, except for the corner wall where the fireplace sits, which will serve as an accent wall. Paint that wall in a bold ... more
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