How Do You Decorate By Painting Faux River Rocks?

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1 Answer

River rock fireplaces, walls and trim can be very attractive elements in the home. However, even imitation river rock can be expensive and somewhat difficult to install. One solution is to paint faux river rocks wherever you want them. This eliminates heavy lifting and grouting, and they can be painted over if you make a mistake. To add realism to painted river rocks, buy paint that has sand or small beads in the mix for texture. Purchase several colors of brown and gray to blend. Spread out the drop cloth on the floor under the area to be painted. Draw straight rows across the wall, each about four inches thick. Draw as many as needed to cover desired area. Split each row into individual rectangles with pencil lines. Vary sizes from small to large. Shake the light gray paint can lightly and open it with the paint key. Stir thoroughly. Use the one-inch brush to paint over the pencil lines. Don't worry about keeping the lines perfectly straight; this is meant to mimic grout for rocks ... more
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