How Do You Delete Cookies On A Dell Computer?

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1 Answer

Learning how to remove cookies is an important part of regular computer maintenance. Deleting cookies can help protect your personal information, free up valuable disk space and potentially increase the speed of your internet connection. There are different ways to remove cookies from a Dell computer. You can either do it through the control panel or through your web browser. The results are the same, so the method you choose is a matter of ease and personal preference, there is no need to do both.Here's how to delete cookies on a Dell computer. Open the control panel.Click the "Start" button. A pop-up menu will appear. Find "Control Panel" and click on it. A new window will open. Navigate to Internet Properties.In the new window that you opened in Step 1, find and click "Network and Internet Options." A new list of selections will appear. From those choices, find and click "Internet Options." A dialog box titled "Internet Properties" will open. Delete cookies.In the dialog box that ... more
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