How Do You Deoxidize Oxidized Paint Without Abrasives?


How Do You Deoxidize Oxidized Paint Without Abrasives?

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Chalky oxidation can build up on a car and encase it in ugly haze. Washing won’t help and neither will wax. The conventional way has been to use a power buffer with rubbing compound and or polish. This requires a bit of skill and a lot of time. Power tools can be dangerous to the user and the paint. Today oxidation can be removed very quickly with a non abrasive approach. An Acrylic Surface Deoxidizer (ASD) is a 100% pure liquid non abrasive all surface deoxidizer for acrylic. It is designed to remove heavy oxide deposits from all acrylic surfaces on contact. Thoroughly was the vehicle, using dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing liquid will quickly cut any dirt, oil or wax on the car. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap deposits. Dry vehicle thoroughly before applying the acrylic surface deoxidizer (ASD). Spray a small area with one or two mist and use clean rags to rub the deoxidizer in and wipe the oxidation off. Take a clean towel and go over the entire vehicle afterwards to remove any e

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