How Do You Determine The Gender Of A Grasshopper?

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1 Answer

Many people have wondered if a grasshopper is a male or female at least one time in their lives. There is a specific way to determine the gender of a grasshopper. However, grasshoppers are very delicate and you must handle them gently when determining the gender. Clean a glass jar for the grasshopper with warm water and soap. Dry the jar completely. Place a small stick or rock inside the jar. Cut a piece of cheesecloth to cover the top of the jar once the grasshopper is in the jar. Explore the surrounding area and find a nice grasshopper. Grasshoppers are herbivores and live where there is a large amount of vegetation such as bushes, trees or plants. Catch the grasshopper and place it in glass jar. Place cheesecloth over jar and secure with a rubber band. Gently reach inside jar and pick up the grasshopper. Be careful to not grab the grasshopper's legs because they are very delicate and could break. Do not squeeze the grasshopper. Turn grasshopper upside down. The female will have a ... more
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