How Do You Determine The Gender Of A Puppy?

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1 Answer

Before you go to get a new puppy for your family it would be helpful to be able to determine the gender of a puppy you are looking at. There are too many people that realize for the first time that Max may be a Maxine when she has her first litter of puppies. Approach the puppy and either lift it up, or roll it onto its back. If you are trying to determine the gender of a puppy that is very active it may be easier to have someone else do this while you look. Both male and female puppies have protrusions on their undersides, and both have nipples as well. So don't base your conclusions on this. A male puppy's genitalia will be on the underside of his stomach, in front of his hind legs. In a female puppy the protruding genitalia is located between the hind legs, and very near the anus. Also if you look carefully it is actually a slit like opening. If you still have trouble being able to determine the gender of a puppy, compare it to its litter mates, and the two sexes should be obvious ... more
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