How Do You Disassemble A Peerless Kitchen Faucet?

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1 Answer

When repairing a Peerless kitchen faucet, you may find it necessary to completely disassemble the faucet, which will enable you to replace all the parts inside the faucet and also clean the faucet thoroughly. Disassembling the Peerless kitchen faucet is similar for both the single handle and double handle faucets. You can purchase replacement parts straight from Peerless or at home improvement centers. Shut off the water supply cutoff valves under the kitchen sink. Turn the valve knobs clockwise. Turn on the faucet to clear the lines of any residual water. Disconnect the faucet water supply lines from the cutoff valves with a pair of channel lock pliers. If you have a double handle Peerless faucet, remove the water supply lines from each faucet stem under the sink. Single handle faucets will have the water lines toward the center of the faucet assembly. Remove the sprayer hose from under the center of the faucet if you have a sprayer attachment. Loosen the hose connection nut with ... more
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