How Do You Dispose Of Fireplace Ashes Safely?

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The disposal of fireplace ashes is a serious and ongoing problem because one of the major causes of home fires is the improper disposal of hot fireplace ashes. When the weather is cold outside, a warm cozy fire is delightful. Once the fire is put out, many people simply scoop up their ashes and deposit them into their plastic trash container in the garage. But ashes can hold enough heat to ignite a combustible plastic bin even several days later. Never store or dispose of hot ashes in a combustible plastic trash container. This one simple action is one of the major causes of home fires and has turned many memories of a delightful, cozy afternoon fire into a disaster. After a few hours in the plastic trash container, the ashes have ignited the trash container and suddenly the garage and house are on fire. These tips might sound simple but they can save your house, even your life if you use them to help you dispose of fireplace ashes safely: Don't remove hot ashes from the fireplace ... more
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