How Do You Dispose Of One-Pound Propane Cylinders?

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One-pound propane cylinders are typically used for camp stoves and are not traded and refilled like their 20-pound counterparts, the kind usually used in gas grills. One-pound propane tanks are considered disposable, but they must be empty of fuel before you throw them in the trash. If not, even a partially filled propane tank can cause injury to the persons transporting and handling the tanks, as well as those nearby. Therefore, emptying a full or partially full tank is an essential part of the disposal process. Hook up your one-pound propane cylinder to an outdoor appliance, like a camp stove or gas hibachi. There is a hose or metal tube from your appliance that is connected to the valve of the propane tank. Do this outside and away from your home. Turn the tank on, usually by turning the knob counter-clockwise, and ignite your appliance. Keep the flames going until they burn out. Use normal safety precautions while the open flame is burning. Once the flame burns out, your tank is ... more
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