How Do You Do Food Combining Properly?

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1 Answer

Proper food combining aids in digestion because different food groups require different digestive juices. When food groups requiring separate digestive juices are eaten together, the body is not able to properly digest them. Many common food combinations, such as meat and potatoes, are actually quite detrimental to proper digestion and overall health. Although you may have to retrain yourself and alter your eating habits, food combining and digestion are very important and will be worth the healthful benefits. Do not combine starches and proteins. Starches, such as rice, potatoes, and bread, require alkaline digestive juices while proteins such as, animal proteins, nuts, and fish require acid digestive juices. Eating these different food groups simultaneously cancels out their respective digestive juices. The body must expend large amounts of energy to finally digest these foods, leaving it with no energy to cleanse the bowels. This results in toxicity and sluggishness, so eat these ... more
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