How Do You Do Marquetry?


With marquetry, beautiful pictures are created with inlaid wood. These pictures have been created to adorn furniture, floors, doors and walls since early Egyptian times. Hundreds of hours are put into the intricacies of these inlays, but you can make a simpler version of marquetry as you learn the technique. Select a simple picture or design. Make it one that has little detail for your first project. Use no more than three different colors of wood. Decide the colors and kinds of wood veneer you want to use for your picture. Buy the veneer and other necessary materials. You should be able to find them all at a larger craft store. Trace the design onto the background veneer with carbon paper. Cut the outline of the design on the background wood veneer with a craft knife. Take care that you don’t crack the veneer. Most people use a darker veneer for the exterior. Remove the design that you cut out. Lay the background veneer atop the interior contrasting veneer, which is usually light. Sec