How Do You Do Reverse Curtsy Lunges?

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1 Answer

The reverse curtsey lunge works different muscles and is a more advanced exercise than the regular lunge. You can perform this exercise on a slightly elevated surface, such as a bench, a sturdy box or a step, or on the floor. Begin with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width. Point your toes out a little, but not too much. If you want to use an elevated surface, use the top bench from a step bench system. When you use a bench, stand in the center of it. Bring your right foot behind you and on the other side of your left foot, as if you were curtseying. Bend your knees until the thigh of the upper leg is parallel with the floor. Keep your arms hanging by your sides or rest your hands on your hips. Do reverse curtsey lunges on the same side until you fatigue and then switch sides. You also can switch sides between lunges. Do as many reps as you can and then rest. Repeat the exercise or move on to another exercise. Increase the intensity of the exercise by raising the elevated ... more
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