How Do You Do Tepid Sponge Bath In A Hospital Setting?

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1 Answer

Tepid sponge bath is considered as one of the best cooling treatments. This method is recommended for febrile individuals, especially those with fever ranging from 102.2 F or higher. It is effective in relieving fever by reducing high temperature and also helpful in alleviating pain or discomfort. Read on to learn more about how to do tepid sponge bath in a hospital setting. Assess the condition of your patient. This data will serve as a basis in evaluating the patient's response to the treatment. Explain the method to the patient or the watcher. By providing them some information about the procedure, it will be much easier for them to cooperate. Bring all equipments and set them on the area near the bed. Carefully check all of your materials to make sure everything is there. Wash hands thoroughly before starting the procedure. Close the door or the partition sheets (if at the ward) to provide privacy. Adjust the patient's bed on a certain height that is accessible for working. This ... more
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