How Do You Drain A Harley Gas Tank?

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Contrary to popular belief, gasoline does in a sense "go bad." When storing your Harley Davidson for the winter, fuel should be drained from the tank so as not to damage the workings of your motorcycle during its hibernation. You can safely store your Harley over the winter, without worrying about whether or not it will start the next spring. Turn the fuel petcock (found on the left side of the tank) to the "OFF" position and allow the motorcycle to run until it stops. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the tubing clamp from the fuel petcock. Pull the tubing away from the petcock and allow it to hang free. Attach a length of 1/2-inch nylon tubing to the fuel petcock. Place the other end of the tubing in a specialized gas container. Turn the petcock to the "RES" position. Fuel will begin to drain out of the tank and into the gas container. You may speed up this process by removing the gas cap on top of the tank. Reconnect the fuel hose to the petcock. Turn the petcock to the " ... more
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