How Do You Dry Corn Husks For Tamales?

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Tamales require steaming in corn husks for their distinctive flavor. You can either purchase dried corn husks from the grocery store or make your own. The next time you have corn on the cob, save the husks by sun-drying them and storing them in your freezer until ready to use for up to one year. Remove the corn husks by pulling them back from the cob and cutting at their base where they meet the corn cob. Wash the husks under running water to remove all of the dirt corn silk. Blot the corn husks dry on paper towels. Place the corn husks in a single layer in a cardboard box without a lid. Set the cardboard box outside in direct sun for several days to sun-dry the husks. Bring the box in at night to prevent dew from forming on the husks. Transfer the dried corn husks to resealable plastic bags when they turn pale and brittle. Store the dried corn husks in the plastic bags in a cool, dry place for up to one year. more
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