How Do You Dry Habanero Peppers?

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1 Answer

Habanero plants generally produce more peppers than you can eat. This is because of how incredibly spicy they are. Just a little bit of this fiery pepper can really go a long way! So what do you do with the peppers that you can't consume? Well, you can dry them out and use them later! The first thing that you should do before handling habanero peppers is to put on some rubber gloves. If you don't, you run the risk of having some very warm hands for quite some time! Once the gloves are on, cut the top portion of the habanero off, to remove the stem. At this point, you can either cut the peppers in half, or you can leave them whole, depending on your preference. If halved, they will dry faster. Now place the prepared habanero peppers in a single layer onto a food dehydrator tray. Turn the food dehydrator on and let it run for approximately 12-14 hours. The exact drying time may vary depending on whether you halved the peppers or not. Once the habanero peppers have been dried, you can ... more
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