How Do You Dye A Swimsuit With Nylon & Spandex Fabric?

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1 Answer

Dying a swimsuit is a bit of a challenge because the nylon and spandex that the swimsuit is made of can break down in the hot water that is usually required for a good dye job. Another option to change the color of a swimsuit is to use fabric paint. This process is easy and won't damage the shape or elasticity of your swimsuit. Place the fabric paint of your choice in a mixing bowl. Keep the bottle handy because as the fabric absorbs the paint, you may need to add more. Remove any padding that is included with the swimsuit such as breast pads. Place the suit into the paint. Allow the suit to sit for about 5 minutes, then turn it so that all areas of the suit get evenly covered with the fabric paint. Fabric paint is designed not to sit on top of the fabric but rather to soak into the fibers, so that is is essentially like a dye. Place an old towel on a counter and lay the suit on the towel. Place a second towel over it and roll the suit up in the towels to soak up excess paint. Allow ... more
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