How Do You Dye Easter Eggs Different Ways?

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1 Answer

Easter is about new life that is why the egg is a symbol of this holiday. Easter eggs were colored bright colors for two reasons. One they showed the beautiful colors of springtime and two they were easier for kids to see when hunting or playing games such as Easter egg rolling contest. Dyeing Easter eggs is simple and does not cost much money. Adults and kids traditionally color eggs together for the holiday. Here are a few ways to dye eggs at Easter. Dye all the eggs you plan to color the night before the egg hunt. Place the hard-boiled eggs back into the empty cartons to dry and store overnight. This will ensure your eggs are completely dry before coloring. Purchase dye kits that have dissolving tablets and drop them in glasses filled with water. Drop in a boiled egg in each color and lift with an egg wand then place it in the multitasking package to drain and let dry. Another way of dying eggs is purchase food coloring, white vinegar and mix these two ingredients with water. Drop ... more
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