How Do You Dye Greek Orthodox Red Easter Eggs?

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1 Answer

Easter is the most sacred observance in the Greek Orthodox faith. The Easter preparations begin on Holy Thursday when the traditional Easter eggs are dyed red. Red represents the color of life as well as the of the blood of Christ. From ancient times, the egg has been a symbol of the renewal of life, and the message of the red eggs is victory over death. Greek folklore provides another explanation for the red color. According to the story, one of the Apostles told a woman that Christ had risen. Not believing the Apostle, she glanced down at her apron full of eggs and said, "If these eggs turn red I will believe He is risen." Apparently she soon believed. My husband's Yaya dyed her Easter eggs with scarlet red Rit fabric dye. Her eggs were a beautiful deep red. But since Rit is a fabric dye I believe it is not safe to use, unless the eggs are just used for decorations. I will give the direction for the rit dye. These eggs are for decoration only. Please do not eat. Place eggs in a ... more
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