How Do You Earn Money Scanning Grocery Store Items?

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1 Answer

You may not think that scanning grocery items is the most lucrative job, but you can actually make money at it--and not just as a cashier in a food market. Here are a few ways you can earn money scanning grocery items. Be a cashier, the most obvious way to make money scanning grocery items. You need to have good math and customer service skills to do this job. You should be able to quickly scan items while carrying on a polite conversation with the customer. Get promoted from your cashier job to grocery store manager. Many managers start their careers scanning grocery items. Some companies track how quickly and efficiently their cashiers scan items, and seek out those who exceed company expectations for promotion. Take inventory. Several large grocery chains hire independent companies to take inventory on a regular basis. As an employee for an inventory company, you scan the grocery items and reconcile the store numbers to your store numbers. Work in the quality control department ... more
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