How Do You Edit Music For A Gymnastics Floor Routine?

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1 Answer

• Identify the music you want. The best will feature changes in tempo and intensity. It cannot have any lyrics. Even one word, such as "go!" will result in an automatic deduction off every routine. Be aware of the gymnast's style and preferences, too. They will perform better to something that they enjoy and are comfortable with. • Get a music editing computer program and learn how to use it. There are some really good freeware software programs available to download free for individual, non-profit use. • Convert your music to the appropriate file type for editing with whatever program you choose. There are many freeware programs available that will do this for you. • Identify the specific portions of the music that you wish to use for the routine and note where they are within the music. You can do this simply on paper first, noting the time within the piece, and "naming" the different sections so that you can refer to them later and not get them mixed up. For example: :00-:23 Intro, ...
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