How Do You Enjoy Filtered Water, Brita Style?

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1 Answer

I've had the same Brita water filtration system for years now, which gives us fresh water without having to fill landfills with plastic bottles from purchasing cases upon cases of water for my family. There are some tricks to using Brita, however, you can't just keep using the same filter forever. Following the below guidelines will give you and your family filtered water for years to come. The first time you fill your pitcher with water requires some effort. You need to unwrap the white, plastic Brita filter, sold separately. Some units come with one or two starter filters. Expect these filters to last between two-to-three months, depending on your water consumption. Ours need replacing virtually every two months, and there are five of us using it on a daily basis for a myriad of purposes (beverages, coffee, even filling the dog dish!) There are carbon particles in the plastic, so you need to saturate the filter in a large cup of water first. Let it sit for 15 minutes or longer for ... more
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