How Do You Etch Dichroic Glass?

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1 Answer

Dichroic glass is beautiful. You can customize dichroic glass by etching your own designs. This tutorial will explain how to etch dichroic glass so that you can use it in your kiln fired, fused glass jewelry and crafts. Sketch a design to etch onto your dichroic glass. Gather your tools, supplies and materials. Select the color dichroic glass you want to use for your project. Arrange your work space. Be sure to work in a well ventilated work space and to wear gloves when you work with the etching cream. Cut your design into contact paper and attach it to the dichroic glass to act as a resist. You can use a gel resist directly on the dichroic glass as an alternative to contact paper. Be sure to allow the resist to dry. Paint the etching cream (such as etchall® of Armour Etch Cream) on the dichroic glass wear you want to remove the dichroic layer. Allow to set for the time specified by the manufacturer, usually a few minutes. Remove the cream and clean the glass with a glass cleaner. ... more
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