How Do You Extinguish A Chimney Fire?

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1 Answer

• Get all people and pets out of the house. • Even if the fire seems small or contained, make sure everyone is safely out of the house. • Call the fire department. • You might be able to extinguish chimney fires or contain them, but you should still call the professionals to ensure there isn't any residual danger. • Throw a glass or bucket of water on the fire. • The water immediately turns to steam, traveling up the chimney and inhibiting any additional oxygen from feeding the fire. Be cautious of this approach when you put out chimney fires in airtight stoves as the sudden change in temperature can cause cracking or shattering of glass. • Repeat, throwing more water as necessary. • Remove hot logs and ashes with metal tongs. • Place hot logs and ashes in a metal bucket or other noncombustible receptacle. • Place noncombustible receptacle outside. • The contents will still be extremely hot. Ensure that the bucket isn't in contact with anything flammable. • Keep bags of dry chemical ... more
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