How Do You Field Strip A World War 2 Japanese Type 99 Rifle?

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1 Answer

How to field strip a Japanese Type 99 rifle First step is to remove the bolt.Turn bolt handle up and pull back as if to release an empty shell. On the left side of bolt there is a release toggle.Move toggle to the left as you are pulling back bolt and it should slide out. Remove shoulder strap ring by unscrewing.This will release upper barrel wood cover.At end of barrel there are two screws holding bayonet and cleaning rod assembly.Remove those and the assembly will come loose and fit over the barrel after cleaning rod is removed. Under the receiver there is a screw on nut that you need a screw driver to remove or something along those lines.Place device you choose in the slot on the nut and tap counter clockwise with a hammer or whatever you choose.Remove this and the receiver and barrel will come away from wood stock. Underneath there is the trigger housing which has three screws.Remove those screws and the trigger housing and trigger assembly will come away from stock.Release the ... more
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