How do you file for an abandoned title in arizona?

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1 Answer

For filing for an abandoned title in Arizona you must contact the DMV. The process includes an inspector coming to inspect the abandoned vehicle in which you receive an inspection form. With this form you may fill out an abandoned title report. You may obtain an abandoned title report at the DMV. With this report notarized, the inspection form, and $10 they will begin the abandoned title application. What happens is the DMV sends out a noification to the last owner. They give a 45 day period for the owner to respond. If no owner responds, they send you a form allowing you to title the vehicle in your name. If the owner responds, they are given 30 days to remove the vehicle. In the past, I have had titles that had no record of owners. This may happen if you have had the vehicle for quite some time (mine was ten+ years). For any questions on application or other you may contact the Abandoned Vehicle Department at (602)-712-7784. Good luck. more
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