How Do You Find Morel Mushrooms In Missouri?

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1 Answer

Morel mushrooms, rich in potassium and low in calories, must be cooked before eating. Morels contribute flavor and texture to a variety of dishes and appetizers and can be frozen or dried to preserve for later use. You can find morels in Missouri during the rainy season from February through June, but these mushrooms are usually the most plentiful in April. Join an experienced group of hunters to find this culinary delicacy, or look for them on your own during a spring hike. Plan your trip around optimal moisture and humidity. Check with the Missouri Department of Conservation to find out when the last hard freeze is estimated in the area, and go on your first hunting trip about two weeks later. The average daily temperature should be more than 50 degrees. The best time to find morel mushrooms is the day after a healthy rain shower. Hike through public lands and pay special attention to the ground near elm, apple, cherry, basswood or ash trees. Watch the ground as you take each step ... more
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