How Do You Find Nightcrawlers?

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1 Answer

Nightcrawlers are earthworms that are used as fishing bait. Rather than purchase them at a bait shop, you can find nightcrawlers around your garden after it rains, or you can water the ground to simulate rain and make them come out. Nightcrawlers come out only at night when the ground is saturated following a good rainfall, and when the temperatures are between 50 and 80 °F (10 and 26.7 °C). However, you can also simulate rainfall by watering the dirt around your house until it is deeply saturated. Come outside around 10 or 11 pm with your flashlight/headlamp and bucket. Your flashlight must be dim or you run the chance of scaring the nightcrawlers back into the ground. If you do not have any used batteries, tape a piece of yellow construction paper over the light in order to dim it. Walk slowly as to not scare the nightcrawlers. When you find a nightcrawler, do not shine the light directly on it. Shine it about a foot away, just enough so that you can still see it. Slowly crouch ... more
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