How Do You Find Studs Through Exterior Siding?


How Do You Find Studs Through Exterior Siding?

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Finding studs on the inside of the home is never too difficult–the knock-knock method often works without any problems. However, finding a stud on exterior siding is a little different. Knocking on various parts of the siding is more than likely not going to tell you where there is or isn’t a stud. The best way to find a stud while working on on the outside (whether brick, siding or stone) is to use an electronic stud finder. Place the stud finder at the edge of the exterior siding. Walk very slowly along the exterior siding while holding the stud finder. A little light will go off, or the finder will make a beeping noise, when it finds a stud. Draw a mark at the exact location where the stud finder locates a stud. Make another mark where the stud finder stops beeping or flashing. The area in between the pencil marks is the exterior siding’s stud. Measure each of the pencil marks you made. Measure the length of each stud with your measuring tape. Typically, studs are spaced at either

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