How Do You Find The Value Of An Antique Vase?

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1 Answer

While many antique enthusiasts make a hobby of finding the perfect pieces at the right price, many people also enjoy antiques simply for the unique history, character, and warmth they can provide to a home. For those who are not professional antique shoppers, there are a few simple ways to find out what an item is worth. If you own an antique vase, follow these steps to find out its value. Check your vase for any manufacturer symbols, markings, or backstamps. These are typically found on the bottom, but are sometimes featured along the side. If you do not know the name of the producer or manufacturer of your vase, you need to consult an antique guide, which can usually be found at your local library. Match your vase's symbol with those listed in the book to find the manufacturer of your vase, as well as general pricing information. Research the history of your vase's manufacturer on the internet to develop a more thorough understanding of where, when, and how their vases were made. ... more
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