How Do You Finish A Square Knot Hemp Bracelet?

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1 Answer

Finishing a square knot hemp bracelet is a simple part of process of making hemp jewelry. You simply need to create a knot to slid through the loop that you created at the beginning of the bracelet to act as the two halves of the clasp. All you need is one bead large enough for all of the strands of the bracelet and a pair of scissors. Check that the bracelet is the right size. Once you cut the ends of the hemp thread and knot it off, you don't be able to change the bracelet. If you have any beads or decoration in the center of the bracelet make sure that the two lengths of square knots on each side are the same length. Trim the ends of all four threads so that they are even. This will make them all easy to thread onto the bead. If any of the threads are ragged or unwound on the ends, cut above that point. This will make the bead hard to get on all the cords. Take the one bead and slip it onto the threads. Remember to have a bead with a large enough center to get all the threads ... more
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