How Do You Fix A Bad Drywall Finishing Job?

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1 Answer

Drywall is installed in sheets that are screwed to the studs, then taped and covered in joint compound, a form of plaster. The problems with a bad seam in drywall---one that's bulging, cracked or has drywall tape showing through---often start when the drywall is initially taped. If the tape isn't properly set, or the coats of plaster are applied poorly, you can end up with a seam that stands out after the wall is painted. The only way to fix it is to pull out the old seam and retape it. With your 6-inch drywall knife, scrape away the existing line of plaster from the area to be repaired, exposing the tape. Pull the tape off, using your razor knife to get the edges up if necessary. The area should be completely flat, with the seam completely exposed. Lay a piece of mesh drywall tape over the length of the seam, cutting it at the end with the razor knife. Spread a line of joint compound over the tape, using the 6-inch knife and making the line about 4 inches wide and about 1/4 inch ... more
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