How Do You Fix A Bad Drywall Seam Finish Job?

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1 Answer

Bad drywall seams are common problems that you can easily fix with basic tools and supplies. As with any other construction project, the quality of the tools you use is important. Cheap tools will lead to time-wasting hassles and poor results. Ask the staff at your local home-repair center to help you choose the right tools for your project. Since drywall tools and supplies are relatively inexpensive, feel free to test out any products that seem helpful. But avoid all-in-one wall-repair solutions---they nearly always end up causing more problems than they fix. Cut out all the bad tapes using a utility knife. If the tape is bubbling or wrinkled, cut a circle around the bad area and pry it out. If the tape is cracked, gouge out the crack using your utility knife. Remove all loose bits of dried paint and joint compound. Fill the repair area with a thick coat of joint compound using your 6-inch knife. Since joint compound shrinks as it dries, you may need to repeat this step if there is ... more
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